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Project Management

Our project management tool covers entire project life cycle starting from project initiation to project closure.

All role holders (Business Manager, Project Manager and Account Manager) have access for relevant projects.

GISPM as workflow:

A Project Initiation meeting is conducted at the start of each project. Following are sample review items:

  • Expectations
  • Project scope
  • Schedule
  • Constraints
  • Risks and dependencies
  • Deliverables on completion of the phase

Project Planning:

Project Manager creates milestones for entire project with exact dates in project management tool with following details:

  • Phase start and end dates
  • Team member name and responsibilities for each phase
  • Dependencies on client and support team for each phase
  • Risks associated with the phase

Progress and Health Monitoring:

A weekly project status review is mandatory for all projects, regardless of size and complexity. This enables project team to remain pro-active and minimize impacts of changes / situations effectively. Following are key parameters reviewed during each PSR by entire project team:

  • Efforts
  • Schedule
  • Risks
  • Approvals (internal and external)

Knowledge Sharing:

Our intranet has knowledge management portal to capture each learning and best practice from individual.

Each learning and best practice is identified during project status review and is captured into our knowledge management portal. Some of the key details captured are:

  • Business domain
  • Technology with version
  • Programming language
  • Database
  • Operating system
  • Development model (Agile, Iterative, Waterfall)
  • Description
  • Category (Risks or Best practice)
  • Relevancy (SDLC phase – Requirement analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment)
  • Reported by Role (Project manager, system architect, DBA, developer, tester)
  • References - team member names and mail-id

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